Beauty Of Sarawak : Art Therapy For Kids

Beauty Of Sarawak : Art Therapy For Kids


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The Art Therapy for Kids : Beauty of Sarawak, is a unique colouring book, is an art therapy book, designed to give both the ‘novice to amateur’ and ‘colouring ninja’ some great pattern to colour-in, de-stress and to relax. It is suitable for children at the age of 5-12 years old; however, teenagers, adults and elderly can also benefit from this colouring book. It is a form of expressive art therapy, which children can enjoy colouring/painting at the art, by using the imagination, self-expression, active participation, self-growth, mind-body connection, and creative expression as a form of feelings through a form of art, thus helping them to develop self-awareness, social skills, problem solving, managing negative behavior, and reducing their anxiety and stress.

This book is enriched with the design of traditional motives, influenced by the beauty and appreciation towards the beautiful things found in the Sarawak environment. These motives are believed to protect the family members from any kind of diseases or danger, as well as providing the household with fortune or good luck. It is with great hope that these original designs will provide exposure as well as bringing about a new sense of appreciation towards the beauty of Sarawak designs, especially among the younger generation.


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